Saturday, September 30, 2006

My Plan

I am planning to go to university after my gap year at college. Presently I am considering a history course at York but Durham, Exeter, UCL and Sheffield are also possibilities. I have already obtained the necessary qualifications needed to enter next year but I feel it is important to gain an extra qualification in ICT, as my previous knowledge is very limited and experience will help me at university and beyond. I have already obtained my G.C.S.E'S and A Levels in History, Geography, Art and General Studies. I also have an AS in Biology. I play the clarinet and have passed my grade seven and I am also fond of dancing and have achieved my grade 5.I have also taken part in work experience helping me to understand responsibilities within the work place. I was also a prefect and took part in registration duty. My main focus for this year is to obtain an acceptable grade for IT, but alongside this I intend to continue with my interests in music and dance, learn how to cook for university, take part in a first aid course, do some voluntary work, get a part time job and join Archeological dig. My short term/immediate targets are to: Complete all assignments and classes. Complete my UCAS form. I feel that I may need some extra help in my I.T. course as I have very little previous experience and many of my fellow class mates appear to have completed G.C.S.E .I.T. or use the computer a lot at home. This makes me feel that I maybe a little behind experience wise. I am assured that I can obtain help from my subject tutors and from the student support or Connections if I need more general advice. I feel it is partly up to me to check my progress but I am certain that my subject teachers will also be doing so.


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