Saturday, October 21, 2006

Trip to Kos!

I have been asked to produce a plan for a trip to Greece. To do this I need to know the essential details, such as dates, time period, location, type of accommodation and extras. After discovering this information I looked up the availability of the requests on the internet, for example the flight times for the given dates and car hire. I copied and pasted this information so that it was easier to sort out. After this I organized the information into an itinerary of information. I was also asked to produce a business letter and PowerPoint about Greece alongside this. I found that it is difficult to remember the exact structure of a business letter but I enjoyed writing it. I also enjoyed writing the PowerPoint as I learnt a lot about the Greek islands while producing it. I was also introduced to Morguefile which holds spectacular photos.

Just before half term!

This has been a rather unorthodox week! It has been confusing as everyone is saying something different and lessons have been canceled. Today I begrudged waking up at the early time of 7:15 and coming in for rather a mixed day. The first lesson was on but I did not know if I have to re-register for enrichment, which meant hours to wait!

This half term I have enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere at college but this may change as the assignments come in. I have learnt a lot about computing this term, many of the basics I was lacking before this course. I have found it difficult to get my head around the computer language of C++. However I am starting to have a better understanding of it. Something I can not understand is why I always seem to have a problem with computers. If anyone is going to have a issue with the computers it is usually me! However overall I have had a good and informative experience!

Monday, October 16, 2006

What have I learnt so far?

I have found this course has been extremely useful in adding to my limited computer knowledge. I have extended my basic skills upon windows software, an example being that I have learnt how to crop and enlarge pictures on PowerPoint without loosing the quality. The course has also refreshed skills that have been forgotten, such as how to use formulas on Excel. I have also learnt about programming and how to install software, areas of which I have had no previous knowledge before this course.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Update 03/10/06 How am I doing?

I have now been at college for four weeks and I have found that the time has passed very quickly. I still feel in the fresher mood, where experiences are all new and different, especially as I have hardly touched computers until this course (well only when doing coursework). I found this course difficult as I am new to using the computers. However generally I am happy, especially as on this course I am allowed a day off! I also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that presently resides but this may change as timing becomes more pressured. The only criticism I would have about the course is that when a tutor is away, there is often no cover teacher available and no cover work is set. This always feels like a waste of time and energy as we are not told before hand about the cancellations of classes and we therfore have little to do until the next lesson.