Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Update 03/10/06 How am I doing?

I have now been at college for four weeks and I have found that the time has passed very quickly. I still feel in the fresher mood, where experiences are all new and different, especially as I have hardly touched computers until this course (well only when doing coursework). I found this course difficult as I am new to using the computers. However generally I am happy, especially as on this course I am allowed a day off! I also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that presently resides but this may change as timing becomes more pressured. The only criticism I would have about the course is that when a tutor is away, there is often no cover teacher available and no cover work is set. This always feels like a waste of time and energy as we are not told before hand about the cancellations of classes and we therfore have little to do until the next lesson.


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