Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I am currently experimenting with different web tools freely available upon the internet. I have started to experiment with Sitekreator. This is a program that allows you to create your own websites and publish them upon the net. After the introductory window, very little information about how to use the program is available. However with a bit of experimenting you can generally work out how to use the different function of the website designer. If you would like to visit my website follow the link below:http://sitekreator.com/charlotte/Admin/main_page.html


Blogger 13Daisys said...

Hi Charlotte!

I am currently using SiteKreator for two of my websites. I can definitely say the first experience is a bit confusing, but afterwards the work with the kreator is very smooth. I also liked the tutorials - helped a lot with issues like setting my domain and showing up the 'advanced' options. I would definitely recommend that you go through them all..

I use the sites primarily to post my pics and share comments with friends (there is a forum feature, as you probably know). I haven't evaluated other site builders since this one was the first I came across, and given I could get free accounts - didn't bother to seek more. But I have worked with tools like front page and I do like this one much better

BTW remove the 'Admin' from your link since it's non-functional this way!

Will be glad to see your site once you add up more to it!


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