Wednesday, December 20, 2006


It is the Christmas holidays and I am currently enjoying meeting up with all my friends. Most of my friends decided to go to university in September 2006. This has meant that I have been unable to talk to them probably for three months. I am surprised how little they have changed in the period they have been away and we still get on really well. However I have found that the only way I wish to spend my holiday is in socializing, this is all very well but I still have an assignment to write, Christmas shopping and family events.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The last week of term! I am genuinely excited about the Christmas holidays as I am looking forward to seeing all my friends that have been at university since September and I am also looking forward to the return of my big brother, who has also been attending university.

I am all prepared for Christmas as I have decorated the living room and bought all my presents. I was looking forward to a relaxed holiday; however we have just been given an assignment to do over the holidays that has a deadline of the first week back after the holidays. However I plan to try and do the majority of it before the holidays start so that I have more time to enjoy myself.


Feeling really tired this week and this are going wrong. On Tuesday my bike chain slipped, not realizing this as I am not mechanically minded I had to push my bike to college for about two and a half miles in the rain and wind and of course I was also late.

I am also having problems with my classes, my work will not save and my program had an unbelievable 98 errors! We also had spot tests that gave me a bit of a shock as I could not remember everything covered in the term or how to explain what we do on the computers in words.